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To you client-side, finding the right agency is about to get much better. To you agency, finding that new and exciting project is about to get a whole lot easier! If you want to be part of the coming new business and agency sourcing revolution, pre-register below: join the colony!
For Agencies
Finding new business shouldn’t be a nightmare. It should be easy! There is so much work to be done. So much creativity needed. 
But where to begin? Who to talk to? Our advice: focus your efforts 
on people and brands who have some challenges to be solved. 
There are plenty out there. Join BeezKit and there will certainly be something for you too.
For Brands
Are you looking for an agency? Yes?
Chances are, you have been on your search engine and looked for 
a variation “marketing/digital (or else) agency near me” or asked colleagues and friends if they know an agency… You should stop right now!
There are thousands of agencies, all unique in their own ways. 
Don’t spend too much time trying to find an agency. Instead tell us 
a bit about who you are and what you are trying to achieve, and we will help you find the right agency for you and your needs.
About Beezkit
Agencies need brands. Brands need agencies. But both need to find the right other to create an enjoyable and productive relationship. BeezKit will help you do that: help you find the right partner.
BeezKit has been founded with the ideal to break barriers between agencies and brands, helping brands navigate through the maze of agencies out there, and helping agencies be found and get involved in the right projects.
Too much jargon, too many long and dull processes. We need to skip all that and focus on the cool stuff: deliver great creative work.
Let’s make it easy to find each other. Let’s accomplish amazing things!